They’ve got their backs to the sea


At the end of last year and beginning of this year we conducted some really interesting work in Kent’s coastal schools. We found that these schools were a highly diverse group of institutions which serve a range of different communities.

We also heard from staff in these schools that the young people of Kent’s coastline have got their backs to the sea. Despite their relative proximity to the economic heartland of England, they remain separated by distance and geography. Many of the challenging issues that have been identified for young people in coastal towns are strongly related to their careers.

Individual’s careers are profoundly influenced by the context within which they pursue them. But, context does not wholly define your career. With the right information, support and education people can make the most out of their circumstances, seize the opportunities around them and change, improve or leave their immediate environment.

In this report we look at this interplay between context, individuals and the support that is provided by their schools.

Shepherd, C. and Hooley, T. (2016). ‘They’ve got their backs to the sea’: Careers Work in Kent’s Coastal Schools. Derby: International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby.

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