Which of these careers terms do you understand?


We’re trying to figure out what careers terms people do and don’t understand. We’d like to hear from teachers and careers professionals (especially those working in schools and colleges in England) about which terms are clear.

We’ve picked out a list of terms that we commonly use at The Careers & Enterprise Company and thrown them into a survey. All you have to do is work your way down the list and tell us which ones you do and don’t understand.

See the list



  1. Led a lesson for year 12s yesterday and asked how many of them knew what LMI meant – none did. Then asked them what labour market information was and none of them knew. I think it’s a term careers professionals use and expect others to understand.

  2. I think that we want these terms to be meaningful for educators (but not just careers specialists). They may be too technical for young people (although obviously it would be ideal if these were clear to everyone). All thoughts appreciated.

    Thanks for doing the survey

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