Are you an #UnexpectedMentor? Join our thunderclap


In January 2016, the Government announced the launch of a national mentoring campaign that aims to connect a new generation of mentors to pre-GCSE teens at risk of disengaging and underperforming whilst at school.

At The Careers & Enterprise Company we published some research looking at disengagement and at effective employer mentoring. We then used this to guide the funding of a series of mentoring programmes up and down the county.

On issue that has come up in our research is the fact that the current pool of mentors tend to come from similar backgrounds and a limited variety of professions. With this in mind we’ve launched a new campaign to attract new types of people so that mentors are representative of the whole population.

You can help us with this campaign by joining our thunderclap which is about allowing us to use your social media network to promote the campaign. It only takes a couple of seconds to sign up to the thunderclap. This is about trying to raise the profile and diversity of mentoring across England.

We hope that you’ll be able to help.

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