The launch of Leicester Vaughan College


Some of you may remember me posting about the threatened closure of the University of Leicester’s lifelong learning centre. Sadly we lost that battle – but today I attended the launch of Leicester Vaughan College a new higher education institution run on a cooperative basis.

Leicester MP John Ashworth spoke about his commitment to the new College and the founding committee outlined their vision.

This is a very exciting development to establish an adult, lifelong learning focused higher education institution. I intend to become a member of the College and to support it however I can. The idea of democratic not for profit HE appeals to me a great deal!

They coined the slogan ‘lower fees and no VCs’ to describe the business model of the College. Even more importantly they talked passionately about the need for adult education at the HE level and expressed concerns about the dropping off of mature learners in HE.

Watch this space… big things are happening in adult education in Leicester



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