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In the run up to the launch party for our You’re Hired! Graduate Career Handbook Korin Grant and I are posting a series of blogs aimed at students and new grads which offer some tips on career building. In this tenth post we look at the terrifying experience of starting a new job.

Congratulations! You’ve been offered a role and you can start a new phase in your career. You probably feel relieved and excited. Go ahead and celebrate!

But, before you say yes…

  • Remember you don’t have to accept the job. It is ok to tell the employer that you are very excited and happy but that you need a few days to consider the offer. See our previous post on turning down an offer.
  • Get the details in writing/email before you accept. It’s not likely that there is anything wrong with the offer but it is a important that you are aware of things like starting salary, length of contract, length of probation/notice period, hours, location etc.

OK, now before you start…

  • Audit your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). Would you be 100% happy for your new boss and colleagues to see everything on there? If the answer is yes then great. If the answer is no then change your privacy settings now or delete anything incendiary.
  • Check that you know how you will get to work, what time you are expected and the accepted dress code.
  • Consider what you need to bring with you on day one – ID, proof of address, right to work documentation, lunch, money for lunch, a notebook and pen etc.

So, on your first day, make a good impression at work…

  • Don’t gossip or complain
  • Be respectful
  • Show that you are reliable with your actions (turn up on time, prepare for meetings and do what you say you are going to do)
  • Ask questions – It is much better to ask if you are on the right track with a piece of work than to go too far down the wrong road with it
  • Volunteer to help others out.
  • Put your phone away. All day.

Enjoy the excitement of starting a new opportunity! At different points your job might feel amazing, scary, just right and/or a bit boring. Remember that this is just one step of many different paths in your life.

We wish you happiness and colleagues who bring cake to work!

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