Supercharge your graduate careers and employability provision

Supercharge your Graduate Careers and Employability provision-v2.png

Today I’m working with Korin Grant to deliver a workshop based on our book You’re Hired: Graduate Career Handbook. The workshop is aimed at HE staff who support students and graduates and so also makes a lot of use of our supplementary guide that we produced for this group.

In today’s workshop we are going to be going through some of the key content in the book and the supplementary guide and talking about how they might be used to support HE staff when they are working with students.

This is what we are planning to cover…

Supercharge Your Graduate Careers and Employability Provision



  1. Hi Tristram and Korin – just wanted to say thank you for a really good book and good day yesterday; some real food for thought as we try and embed employability into the curriculum. Best wishes, Rish

  2. Hi Tristram, I was wondering if you had a new link to the supplementary guide as the one here isn’t working? I have found it really useful when creating sessions previously in line with your chapters within Your Hired. Thanking you in advance, Jess

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