Understanding the role of the Careers Leader: A guide for secondary schools

careers leaders

The Careers & Enterprise Company and Gatsby Charitable Foundation have jointly produced a new paper entitled Understanding the role of the Careers Leader.

The paper provides a detailed definition of careers leadership. In it we explain that this is a leadership role with clear responsibility and accountability for the school’s careers provision. The careers leader needs to be able to lead, manage, co-ordinate and network. This is a complementary role to that of the careers adviser and replaces the careers co-ordinator role that exists in some schools.

The paper is based on research that we have conducted in schools and colleges across England. We found that many schools have already put in place careers leaders and we’ve been talking to those people who are already doing the job and drawing out some key lessons. For example, we’ve heard that careers leaders have to have sufficient authority within the school to be really effective, that they and their colleagues need to have a shared understanding of what the role involves, that they take a lead on issues of quality and so on. We’ve summarised these lessons in our paper and included a number of case studies to show how it works in practice.

We hope that you find it useful.

The Careers & Enterprise Company and Gatsby Charitable Foundation. (2018). Understanding The Role Of The Careers Leader. London: The Careers & Enterprise Company.


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