Schools, colleges and careers providers – would you like to trial a new careers impact measure?

Newton's Cradle with red ball

At The Careers & Enterprise Company we are in the process of developing a new measure of impact for careers programmes. We have developed a measure that allows us to look at young people’s personal effectiveness, career readiness, employability skills and social capital.

We are looking for volunteers from schools, colleges and careers providers who would be willing to try it out for us with groups of learners. Ideally you would have a substantial careers activity that you are planning to run before the end of the summer term. We will then give you a survey for you to get learners to fill in BEFORE and AFTER they take part in the careers activity.

We will then tell you whether we can pick up any impacts from your activity and where the impacts have been.

If you are interested in volunteering to help us with this then please send me  ( or my colleague Amy Suddards ( a message saying that you might be interested and we’ll be in touch to talk about it further.


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