The Careers Leader Handbook – The role of CLMI


Our new book The Careers Leaders Handbook is now complete and with the publishers getting ready to be printed. The book will provide all of the information and tips that you need to be an outstanding career careers leaders in a school or college. It will hit the streets in early autumn, but you can pre-order your copy to make sure that you are first in the queue.

If you can’t wait that long, we’ve posted a new extract from the book on the Trotman blog.

The role of career and labour marketing information in careers programmes

Career and labour market information sits at the heart of careers programmes in schools and colleges. It describes the world within which young people are going to pursue their careers. Careers programmes should help young people to gain a broad overview of the education system and of how the world of work is organised. As they begin to make choices about their own careers, young people need access to up to date information on the full range of opportunities available to them, in education, training and work.

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