Trotman release a free careers leader starter pack

trotman starter pack

The publisher Trotman has just release a new free starter pack for careers leaders. The pack includes

  • 6 careers lessons, one for each year group
  • 20 job profiles to share with your students
  • 8 webinars from our authors taking you through the Gatsby Benchmarks (WEBINAR 1: 19th September – So you’re a careers leader now! Getting to grips with your new role)
  • 24 articles from experts to support you in your new Careers Leader role

I’ll be leading the first webinar so I’d advise you to sign up and take part in this webinar.

You can also pre-order your copy of the Careers Leader Handbook now. It is currently being printed and so copies should be being sent out by the end of the month.



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