The neoliberal challenge to career guidance


Earlier this year we published a book entitled Career Guidance for Social Justice. In it, Ronald Sultana, Rie Thomsen and myself worked with a host of other writers to explore the relationship between the contemporary economic and political order and career. In it we argued that career guidance has to take account of this order and decide how it is going to respond to this. Such a decision is inevitably political and requires careers professionals to decide whether they want to align with social justice or not.

Of course, the decision is rather more complex than that. Social justice, as we found in the book is not just one thing, nor is it always clear how we should go about achieving social justice. Nonetheless, we think that this is an important question and one that all careers professionals and researchers should be engaged in.

We’d love it if you got your organisation or institution to buy a copy of the book. But, we recognise that the way that academic book pricing works you probably won’t be able to buy a copy yourself (we’re working on this and may have more news shortly – for now the ebook is only £29.59). But, in the meantime we’ve agreed with the publisher that they will make the introduction available for free on Google preview.

So we hope you enjoy it.

The neoliberal challenge to career guidance. Mobilising research, policy and practice around social justice



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