Annual recruitment survey from @IoSEorg

ISE recruitment survey 2018.PNG

Back when I was actually involved in doing careers work one of the highlights of the year was the emergence of the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) survey on employers recruitment practices. It was one of the few pieces of research that we all devoured regularly and offered some really important insights.

Fast forward about 15 years and the AGR is now the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) and I’m just about to join them as their new Chief Research Officer. My first duty, before I officially start, was to help write this years Annual Student Recruitment Survey. The survey is only available to ISE members (find out about joining here). But some of the highlights are available in a press release.

Key findings include:

  • hires overall increased 16% since last year;
  • 57% of graduate hires were state schooled, compared to 91% of population; and
  • current graduates are £1,500 worse off in real terms than those who graduated just before 2008 crash.

There has been quite a lot of discussion of this in the press over the last couple of days.

I’m really excited that my first work with the ISE has allowed us to raise social justice issues to widely.


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