Careers leader masterclasses (slides)

Masterclass - full presentation FINAL.png

Over the last week David Andrews and I have run two careers leader masterclasses for about 60 people in total. We’ve been working with a mix of new and experienced careers leaders and those in supporting roles (e.g. people who will be delivering the new training courses or providing support through the Hubs or Quality in Careers Standard).

It has been a really interesting experience and gives me a lot of optimism that the current policy around careers leadership is really going to make a big difference in our schools.

Everyone who came to the workshop was given a copy of The Careers Leader Handbook. So if you are sad that you missed the sessions, the best thing is just to buy yourself a copy of the book.

But of course there were slides and you are welcome to see and use them. So here they are…

Masterclass – full presentation



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