An interview with me about career guidance and social justice on Educaweb


We would like all practitioners who are involved in delivering career guidance to feel that social justice is a key value that underpins their work

The Spanish site Educaweb recently interviewed me about my thoughts on career guidance and social justice. They have just published the interview on their site.

I thought I’d extract a few quotes to get you interested.

People live and thrive in communities, careers are pursued alongside others in organisations and all our happiness is dependent on us living in well-functioning societies. It isn’t possible to extract the individual from society, so when we are talking about career, we are really talking about how we can all live together in society whilst we try and get what we individually aspire to…

How your career develops is not just an outcome of your personality, but of how other people treat you and how the society in which you live is structured…

We would like to see more policies that support equality of access to education, but also which mitigate income disparities and provide opportunities for everyone to access decent work and the good life.

Read more on Educaweb


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