Career guidance for inclusive society


The dates and the call for papers for the 2019 International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) has just been announced. For those of you who are not familiar with the IAEVG, it is the main international body that brings together practitioners and researchers working in the field of career guidance. Its conferences are usually very good and highly international and so can be a fantastic experience.

This years’ conference is taking place in in Brno in Slovakia (which is a lovely city if you have never been).

The themes that the conference will focus on are as follows.

  • An inclusive society in the age of the precariat
  • Career guidance breaking the shell (which is about new approaches and innovative practice)
  • Transition economies: Career guidance as a ‘luxury’
  • From industry 4.0 to inclusive society 4.0
  • Career guidance and democratic participation

So, it all looks pretty interesting. Find out more on the conference website.


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