How Brexit may impact student recruitment 

Image from; Photograph: Immanuel Giel

I’ve just published a blog entitled How Brexit may impact on student recruitment on the Institute of Student Employers blog. In it I report on some of the key findings from our annual Pulse Survey. In general it suggests that employers are feeling a bit less worried about Brexit than you might think!

Try saying a word over and over again. For example, if you say ‘cucumber’ 10 times it starts to lose its meaning. Once you’ve said it 100 times it basically just becomes a noise with no real relation to language at all. I’ve now said the word ‘Brexit’ a lot more than 100 times. Because of this it can be easy to forget what it is all really about and to view Brexit as a bit of a game going on in the media and in Westminster.

Of course, Brexit isn’t a game and questions about the future of the British labour market are right at the heart of what it is about. So, whether you are leave or remain, and whether you are looking for a job or seeking to recruit, you should probably be thinking about how Brexit is going to change jobs, careers, skills and labour needs across the country. 

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