Why guidance research matters?

Today I’m presenting at a very interesting conference on guidance in Hamar, Norway. The conference is organised by the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, which is where I’m based when I’m in Norway.

The conference has been really interesting so far and has taken a much broader definition of ‘guidance’ than I’m used to. As well as discussing career guidance and other forms of pastoral support they are also including various forms of mentoring, supervision and inter- and intra- professional learning within this discussion. I’m still trying to figure out what I think about this and to full understand how far the term guidance can be stretched before it breaks.

I’m speaking towards the end of the conference and am going to try and offer some reflections on the dialogue that we need to build between theory and practice.

This is what I thought that I might say…



  1. really enjoyed this Tristram, especially the Gramsci bit (he’s just been an italian street name for me up to now). relevant to the future of NICEC I think.

  2. Gramsci’s always been one of my big heroes. I keep meaning to spend some time digging deeper into the Prison Notebooks. Some of this lecture appears on my latest podcast.

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