Career guidance for social justice

Today I’m at the Hong Kong Baptist University talking about career guidance and social justice. In this I’ll be drawing heavily on our two books on this subject and hoping to have the opportunity to explore the relevance of some of these ideas to Hong Kong.

This is what I’m planning to say…


  1. Seemed to go well. Lots of interest from the audience who are mainly practitioners working with disadvantaged youth.

  2. Dr. Tristram, I am one of the audience, very glad to hear your presentation.
    The dilemma of Hong Kong’s career planning service is that, as you said, most of us only deal with personal, psychological, counseling issues, but not the political and economic issues at all. Our training and mindset don’t know how to deal with the political and economic issues, and no ability to bargain with merchants. Eg. One of our partners is McDonald’s. Although we know that wages are low, there is no other choice. In Hong Kong, labor rights is the work of trade unions and political groups, but not the concern of social workers and social services.
    And, no one has courage to bring these discussions on the table…

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