Survey of careers leaders in schools

I’ve been working with colleagues at The Careers & Enterprise Company to help to design a questionnaire looking at the experience of careers leadership. This has recently been sent to schools across England. If you are a careers leaders we would really appreciate you filling it in.

Careers leadership is at the heart of the government’s 2017 Careers Strategy. The expectation in the strategy was that by September 2018, schools and colleges would have a named careers leader in place with the appropriate skills and experience to lead a careers programme and ensure buy-in from the senior leadership team. This was then followed with guidance on how the careers leader role in schools and colleges should be organised.

Anecdotally I have heard of lots of new careers leaders being appointed. But, at the moment we don’t know much about who they are, what they are doing and where they need more support. It is really important to find this out so that the roll out of careers leaders and the provision of good career guidance can be effectively supported.

To support the effective implementation of the careers strategy, The Careers & Enterprise Company and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation are carrying out a large-scale survey of schools to find out how careers leadership is working across the country.

The survey asks about the role of the Careers Leader and other staff who lead the delivery of careers provision to identify the range of models used and the perceived effectiveness of different approaches. The findings from the research will be used to identify successful practice and where additional support is needed. The intention is to carry out a similar research project with colleges later in the year.

If you are a careers leader in a school and haven’t received any information about this survey then please get in touch with They will then advise you about how you can contribute to this research.


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