ICCDPP communiqué 2019 – Leading career development services into an uncertain future: Ensuring access, integration and innovation

Those of you watching closely will have noticed that around 150 career development leaders from across 33 countries headed up to the Arctic Circle during June this year.

They were attending the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy symposium. The idea of the event is to give policy makers, researchers and national leaders from across the world the opportunity to explore key issues with in career development and share practice.

It is a fantastic event which really demonstrates the value in international co-operation.

If you are interested in finding out more about what was discussed you can download the:

  • country and organisation papers which set out the current state of play in career development across the 33 attending countries and the key international bodies;
  • synthesis papers which draws together the findings under the four main themes of the conference; and
  • communiqué which summarises the conclusions of the conference into 12 key points that can inform policy and practice in every country.

Key points from the communiqué

Addressing a changing context

  • Develop a cross-sectoral strategy for career development [1] and embed it into wider skills, education, employment and social policies.
  • Strengthen quantitative and qualitative evidence on career development to support decisions about policy and practice.
  • Create mechanisms for sharing and learning from international policy and practice.
  • Ensure that career development programmes and services develop citizens’ ability to manage their own careers

Improving access

  • Increase awareness of, and access to, career development programmes and services.
  • Recognise the diversity of users of career development programmes and services and ensure that provision recognises this diversity.

Integrating career development into society

  • Establish mechanisms to support co-ordination and co-operation between government departments and agencies with responsibility for career development and associated fields.
  • Empower citizens to shape career development programmes and services.
  • Develop and resource a national body to support consultation and co-ordination in career development.

Supporting innovation

  • Provide resources to support innovation and space for piloting new career development programmes and services.
  • Adopt an integrated and transformative multi-channel approach to the delivery of career development programmes and services.
  • Ensure that career development professionals are highly trained and supported to continue to innovate and develop their practice.

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