Career guidance and social justice – what it looks like in practice (NICEC meeting 20th September, 2pm, London)

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  1. An important topic. We are lucky in Calgary Alberta to have one of the professions well known experts Dr. Nancy Arthur. The culture of the work seeker has to be a factor for the worker, the counsellor and the employer. If there is a lack of knowledge misunderstandings will occur or false assumptions will be made. HOWEVER and its a important caveat I do not believe it is the employers responsibility to change the workplace to accommodate preferences for newcomers. There may be a need for some compromise. No examples come to mind with the possible exception of allowing someone time for prayer as long as it is a practical accommodation based on the nature of the work site. For example may be easy to do in an office setting while almost impossible on a construction site. I am sure that the devout can find acceptable alternatives to religious custom if the workplace does not accommodate ritual

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