Satisfying employers’ appetites for graduates

I’ve posted a new blog on the HEPI site discussing the findings of the new ISE survey.

Employers report a substantial rise in the number of graduates starting on graduate schemes this year. They have also increased graduates’ pay to make these jobs attractive. It seems to be working as the average employer receives 50 applications for every job. But, the ‘graduate labour market’ doesn’t just come into being magically. In this blog we’ll look at how employers and universities collaborate to support students transition into graduate jobs.

Despite the turbulent political climate, employers are continuing to recruit large numbers of graduates. While we might expect that in a world of Brexit and Trumpian trade wars, employers would be being cautious, our latest research suggests that their appetite for graduates is undiminished. In fact, this year we have seen a 10% growth in the number of graduates that employers are recruiting into graduate schemes.
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