Understanding careers leadership

As a principle I try and share all of the resources that I create unless there is a good reason not to (e.g. stuff that I do for membership organisations that is only available to members). The purpose of putting this stuff out into the open is to allow people to read this blog to use and repurpose the content that I create. If you do, do this, it is nice if you can acknowledge me, but I’m more interested in the ideas getting out there than in trying to collect the (elusive) fame and fortune that is supposed to be associated with intellectual property. So, use this stuff for whatever you want!

I thought that I’d post that introduction as I’ve got a bit behind on presentations that I’m posting and so I thought that I’d just remind people why I do this.

In this post I’m sharing a presentation on careers leadership that I put together for students at the University of Derby last week. It takes you through some of the history, rationale and practice of careers leadership as it is practiced in English schools. This is what I had to say…


  1. Dear Prof. Hooley

    I am a second year PhD student in South Africa, researching on the role played by Life Orientation teacher in career guidance. It is always great and inspiring to reading your work.. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to share your valuable information on career guidance at schools.


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