Government should listen to employers on graduate employment

I haven’t said much about the election that is currently going on in the UK. I promise you that I’m planning to ramp up my election coverage over the next month. So let’s start with this…

Today I’ve published a blog on Media FHE about the new manifesto that the Institute of Student Employers has put out. I’ll hopefully get a chance to talk a bit more about the manifesto and what we are trying to do with it late on, but for now, here is what I wrote on Media FHE…

Over recent years government has been keen to tell higher education providers that they should try to make students more employable. Often this message has been communicated in a simplistic way and codified into metrics and rankings that miss much of the subtlety of the graduate labour market.

Policy has tended to group graduates into broad categories (employable/unemployable/graduate level/non-graduate level) and ignored the subtleties of background, locality, occupation and sector that are critical to the way the graduate labour market actually works.

The Institute of Student Employers’ represents around 300 of Britain’s largest employers, who collectively bring tens of thousands of young people into the labour market every year. We have just released our latest manifesto to try to influence the next government’s policy in a more positive direction.

Read on…

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