Scrapbooking your way to emancipation

Today I’m at the Eportfolios Australia forum in Canberra. I’m going to be talking about eportfolios, online self-disclosure and careering and how a social justice infused approach to career learning can help us to enhance eportfolio based learning.

In the presentation I’m pulling together a lot of the concepts that I work with all the time (learning, career, identity, power, the internet), but connecting the dots in a slightly different way to try and make and argument about the potential and pitfalls of eportfolios.

This is what I’m planning to cover…

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  1. […] Scrapbooking your way to emancipation. I’ve talked about social justice and careers provision in a variety of different ways and contexts. In this one, that I gave to the Australian E-Portfolio conference I try and look at the practice of e-portfolios and think about how that intersects with these themes. It was an interesting presentation as it gave me the opportunity to pull together various interests of mine on social justice, careers, learning theory and technology. […]

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