New year’s resolutions for student employers in 2020

I’ve publishing my new year’s resolutions yesterday, I’ve got another new year’s list for today. This one is a new blog that I’ve just posted on the ISE website which suggests some potential new year’s resolutions for student employers.

So, this is what I had to say…

New year’s resolutions are funny things. A mix of a promise, a wish and a plan. I always resolve to eat more healthily, exercise more, say no to people more often and work less. Mainly I don’t keep to these things, but once in a while the act of making a resolution gives me a springboard to make a real and lasting change in my life. 

I think that it would be a good idea for everyone in the student recruitment world to take some time at the start of the year to reflect on what they do and consider what they might want to change. Each of you are likely to come up with something different, but here as some possible resolutions to get you thinking.

Read on to hear what resolutions I suggested…

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