ISE Pulse Survey: Taking the temperature of the student labour market

I’ve just added a new post to the ISE blog. In it I talk about the ISE Pulse Survey and discuss how healthy the student labour market is at the start of 2020.

This is what I had to say…

Figuring out what is going on in the labour market is always a challenge. The labour market isn’t one thing that we can measure, rather it is the conglomeration of millions of decisions made by businesses and individuals about employment. One of the main tasks that we perform at the ISE is to try and draw together some of the patterns in the labour market and make sense of them. The main tool that we have for doing this is surveying our members. 

At the end of the summer we asked members to report on how things went last year. In general people reported that they had experienced a good year, with recruitment substantially up (by about 10% for graduates and 7% for non-graduates). But we are now well into a new recruitment cycle. 

This cycle began with us getting a new Prime Minister, continued with a noisy election campaign and will, most likely, finally see us entering the next stage of the Brexit process. So, are employers still feeling positive and increasing their recruitment?

Read on…


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