Career and career guidance in the Nordic countries

I’m really excited to announce that we’ve just published a new book entitled Career and Career Guidance in the Nordic Countries. I’m a co-editor of the volume with my wonderful Nordic colleagues Eric Hagaseth Haug, Jaan Kettunen and Rie Thomsen. It has been a privilege to work with the other editors and all of the contributors to the volume to create this summary of all of the career guidance work that is going on in the Nordic countries. In this as in many other things the rest of the world looks to the Nordic countries for insights and inspiration. Hopefully we have produced a resource that will be of interest to those in the Nordic countries, but also those from other countries who want to draw on the regions learning.

In the book we discuss how career brings together individuals’ paths through life, learning and work and describes how people interface with social institutions including the education system, employers, civil society and the state. Because our careers are socially and culturally embedded it matters where they are enacted. Career and Career Guidance in the Nordic Countries explores what kind of context the Nordic region offers for the pursuit of career, how the development of careers are supported in welfare societies, and how career guidance is enacted in this context. 

The Nordic region encompasses an area in Northern Europe and the Northern Atlantic comprising Denmark, Sweden, Norway as well as Finland to the east and Iceland in the Atlantic. It includes also the self-governing areas of Åland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. This region has long been seen as a source of progressive policy innovation in education and employment and this book focuses and explores the place, the enactment and the theories of career guidance in these Nordic countries.

As well as co-editing the book, I have also contributed to a co-authored introduction entitled Setting Nordic career guidance in context and written a chapter called Pining for the fjords: International Perceptions of Nordic Work, Education and Career Guidance. But, the volume is packed full of fascinating papers from a wide range of authors. Please check it out.


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