Survey: International perspectives on the graduate labour market

The Institute of Student Employers is working with our sister associations across the world to gain a better understanding of the position of the graduate labour market across the globe following Covid-19. We would like to invite people to complete it who have an informed opinion on the graduate labour market in their country. We are looking for non-UK perspectives as we have recently conducted a number of pieces of research on the situation in the UK.

We would like to hear from labour market experts, careers professionals and recruiters working with graduate in non-UK markets. We understand that no one has a complete overview of the labour market in their country and that none of us can predict the future. We are interested in your subjective impression or best guess about the situation in your country.

Data collected through this survey will be analysed and presented anonymously in a report that will be produced by the Institute of Student Employers in the UK.

There will be an opportunity at the end of the survey to provide us with links to previously published papers, articles and intelligence. Please also send any files that are not on the internet, and which you think would help to clarify the current situation for the graduate labour market in your country, to

Complete the International perspectives on the graduate labour market survey

Deadline for completing the survey: 11pm Sunday 7th June

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