An emergency career development plan to maintain employment, productivity and progression post-Covid-19

I’ve been involved in developing a plan for career guidance in England in the light Covid-19, the lockdown and the likely employment crisis that is beginning to unfold (see Tony Wilson in Prospect). In this paper The Career Development Policy Group argues that there is a need to substantially boost the availability of career guidance over the next six months. The end of the education year and the tapering of the furlough scheme will lead to an explosion of unemployment and people in search of work. These people will be desperately in need of help.

We propose that a £26 million fund should be established to scale up the provision of career guidance in the next few months. Following that there is also a need to think in a more long-term way about the future of England’s career guidance system.

We argue that if 1 in 89 people who receive career guidance are successful in finding and keeping a job that they otherwise would not have done, then the policy will have paid for itself by reducing the costs of keeping people unemployed.

Please read the full paper and use it to inform any engagement that you are doing with government or influential stakeholders. We would love to get this into the hands of as many journalists and politicians as possible.


  1. […] Sign an open letter to Gavin Williamson for a Career Guidance Guarantee. Part of a campaign that I participated in to try and put pressure on the UK government to fund career guidance properly as part of its pandemic response. I also signed an open letter to Gillian Keegan later on in the year as this campaign developed. The blog became quite a vehicle for campaigning with me writing posts like The youth labour market is a ticking timebomb: Government needs to act now! and What is to be done to avoid a meltdown of the youth labour market? As well as contributing to An emergency career development plan to maintain employment, productivity and progression post-Covid…. […]

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