Write to your MP about the need for career guidance

A couple of days ago I shared An emergency career development plan to maintain employment, productivity and progression post-Covid-19. In this document the Career Development Policy Group set out a detailed proposal to government arguing that it is important to scale up the volume of career guidance on offer over the next six months to help the UK to come out of Covid-recession.

We have been getting a lot of good feedback on this proposal, but there is a need to continue to bring it to the attention of government. We think that government are currently working on a plan to develop an employment stimulus for the autumn. That means that we probably have less than a month to influence what is in that plan.

I’m asking all of the readers of this blog in England to write to their MP (They work for you can help you to do this if you’ve never done it before – it is very easy). In your letter you should alert them to your concerns about unemployment and the poor use of skills in a recession, stress the importance of career guidance as a part of a response to this and alert them to the emergency plan that we have produced.

I got a very rapid and positive response from Jon Ashworth (my MP) who promised to raise it with the Secretary of State for Education and the Chancellor. This is an issue that is likely to garner support from all parties, so please write to your MP even if you didn’t vote for them.

If lots of people act on this it will raise the issue up the political agenda.



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