Dear Gillian Keegan [an open letter about the funding of the National Careers Service]

Gillian Keegan in the House of Commons

Government policy on careers is moving fast. It is also moving in response to campaigning and lobbying. Everyone knows that the economic situation is deteriorating and that unemployment is likely to grow as a result, but there are lots of ideas out there about what to do about this.

One thing that is clear (to me at least) is that career guidance needs to be part of the mix of any new policy. As new opportunities (whether they are jobs or training) emerge, people need to be able to find out about them and get some help in moving into them. This is where career guidance comes in.

Thankfully the Chancellor realised this and allocated £32 million for careers. However, as I’ve written there are some big problems with the way that this new funding has been allocated. We now find ourselves in the bizarre situation where large numbers of workers facing redundancy as well as many people who are actually unemployed cannot access services from the National Careers Service.

Because of this the Career Development Policy Group has written an open letter to Gillian Keegan. We are now asking people to sign this letter to help us to put pressure onto the government. In it we ask Gillian Keegan to review the way in which the National Careers is funded and ensure that everyone who needs it can access career guidance.

I hope that you will be willing to sign the letter.



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