We’d like your input on the redevelopment of the CDI framework

Many people who are working in schools will already be familiar with the CDI framework. The framework sets out what people need to know to be successful in their careers and translates it into a series of learning outcomes that can be used in school’s and colleges.

Over the last few months I’ve been working with the CDI and an advisory group of career education specialists. I’ve interviewed tens of careers development experts and other people with an interest in the framework. Together we’ve concluded:

  • The CDI framework is a really useful document that provides careers educators and other career development specialists with more clarity about what the learning outcomes of career development should be.
  • The framework needs to be updated to take on new issues, theories and ideas and simplified so that it is not too overwhelming for people coming into the career development field.
  • That the framework might be more widely useful to career development practitioners and educators working outside of the school / college context.

Based on the interviews that I’ve conducted so far and the research literature in this area I’ve put together a revised framework. I’d really like to hear what other people think about it. So I’ve put together a survey that presents the draft framework and asks for your feedback. If you can spare 20 minutes to have a look at the draft framework that would be great. I’d love to hear from people working in schools and colleges who have used the CDI framework in the past. But, I’d also love to hear from educators and career development practitioners working in other contexts who may never have heard of the framework before. Would this be useful to you?

Give feedback on the draft CDI framework

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