New Thinking in Career Development: Contexts, Theory, and Practice

On the 17th May a wide range of speakers will share the latest thinking from the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Career Development at a NICEC network meeting.

Since 2016 I’ve been working with a group of NICEC Fellows on a new book project inspired by NICEC’s conference in 2016 and by the classic volume Rethinking Careers Education and Guidance

The new book began as an attempt to update Rethinking and to build on the discussions that had taken place at the NICEC conference. But it quickly became something more, as we recognised the need to make the new book more international, more multi-disciplinary, and to recognise the multiple traditions and perspectives that characterise the field. 

Now, we are delighted to announce the culmination of these collective efforts with the publication of the Oxford Handbook of Career Development.  

In lightning talk format, around 10 speakers linked with NICEC will give you a taste of their new thinking. The event will feature mini-presentations on a range of topics including: 

  • Education and career 
  • Career development policy 
  • Career theory 
  • Culture and career 
  • The career development profession 
  • Career assessment  

Book your place at this event on the NICEC website.

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