Training careers professionals

Through my role at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences I have been working on an Erasmus + project with colleagues from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Norway. The aim of the project is to create a new online resource that can be used for initial training of careers professionals and continuing professional development.

Torild Schulstok and I have just published some underpinning research where we look at the current situation for professional training in the four countries and then conduct research with experts and practitioners about what future training should cover.

We found:

  • There is a clear demand for an e-learning course for careers practitioners across the four countries.
  • The e-learning should:
    • be clearly articulated in a way that clarifies who should engage with it and why;
    • be flexible to ensure that a wide range of practitioners can access and benefit from it;
    • include interaction with others and foster a community of practice; and
    • make use of a range of technologies by using multi-media and interactive tools.
  • In terms of content, the training should include:
    • clarification of the key terminology and definitions with the field;
    • an overview different approaches to delivering careers services;
    • how to work with a range of different sectors and different client groups;
    • how to work more systemically e.g. with families, communities and organisations;
    • knowledge about the education system, labour market and the research skills required to gather this information for yourself;
    • support for those who are undergoing the training to become professionals and adopt healthy, ethical, reflective, and context-aware practice; and
    • an overview of key theories and evidence for more advanced practitioners.

Hopefully it provides some food for thought for all of those involved in training careers professional.

Read the report at:

Training career professionals

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