Trainee Careers Adviser Graduate Programme – October 2021

As you may know I’m Chair of the charity Adviza. I’m really excited to announce that the charity has just created a new graduate scheme. This is a brilliant opportunity for new graduates who are interested in joining the careers profession.

Graduate trainees will have the opportunity to gain a (fully-funded) Level 6 Careers Guidance qualification which means that you will become a professional Careers Adviser able to join the register of the Career Development Institute.

The graduate programme will bring together a small cohort of individuals who can then support each other, whilst training and in the first phase of their career.

It takes about two years to achieve the qualification. During that time, depending on the type of role you fill, Adviza will aim to offer you a range of experience in either National Careers Service work with adults, or alternatively, in careers support with young people in schools, which could include an opportunity to work in our more intensive support projects with young people, such as The Prince’s Trust.

If you are interested or you know a graduate who might be – please pass this on.

Find out more about our graduate trainee scheme on the Adviza website.


One comment

  1. so good to hear about training schemes like this. I don’t hear of many these days. Hopefully there are more out there!

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