Exploring Scotland’s career ecosystem

Scotland has been conducting a review of its careers provision. As part of this review process Chris Percy, Rosie Alexander and I were asked to undertake a detailed mapping exercise on the provision that exists in Scotland.

We took a broad definition of careers services and sought to map out all of the places that young people could get access to help with their careers. The report sets out what we found in Scotland, makes a detailed attempt at clarifying how much this system costs, describes some of the problems and challenges and looks at how Scotland compares to some other countries.

I think that there is a lot of useful stuff in this report, both for people who are active in Scotland and for those who want insights into how careers operates as a policy and delivery system across a country. One of the things that excited me most about the report was the fact that we were able to make a very informed estimate that Scotland is spending about £160 per young person, per year. This gives us a benchmark to consider how much countries should be spending on career guidance.

The report is available for free on the Skills Development Scotland website or the University of Derby repository. Enjoy!

Hooley, T., Percy, C., and Alexander, R. (2021). Exploring Scotland’s career ecosystem. Scotland: Skills Development Scotland.


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