Survey extended to 14th November: Careers in the construction industry

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We have been running a survey on behalf of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) as part of a major new piece of research looking at careers in construction.

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog who has been completing it. We have had a really good response from careers professionals of all types. We have decided to extend the survey for one further week to make sure that anyone who is interested has a final chance to complete it.

So once again I wanted to reach out to readers of this blog to ask you if you would be willing to give us your views on the construction industry. We are interested in finding out how often your students and clients raise questions about the construction industry and hear how you work with these questions.

The survey will probably take you about 20 minutes to complete.

We would really appreciate it if you could spare this time to give us your insights and ideas.

You can access the survey at

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