What’s been hot (on this blog) in 2022

Photo by moein moradi on Pexels.com

I normally end the year by looking back at what has been popular on my blog over the last year. So, that’s what I’m going to do in 2022.

So according to the famously reliable stats provided by my blog hosting software I have had 18,273 visitors to this blog so far this year and they have collectively viewed over 41,000 pages. This has not been one of my best years it seems, but that still seems an awful lot of people.

So, what have they been looking at….

  • What is radical education? As ever this year’s most popular post has been something that I wrote back in 2014 about radical education. This has obviously got some super influential links pointing towards it. It is still a good post, but next year I’d quite like to top it!
  • Introduction to career theory – a self study course. Next up is a set of videos that I created while I was teaching during the pandemic. They also provide a good overview to a theoretical subject. Glad that people are enjoying this as well.
  • Careers leader handbook. My major publication for this year was the second edition of the Careers Leader Handbook, so there are quite a few posts related to that. People seem to be interested, so all I can hope is that some of this interest has translated into book sales.
  • What the potential new Conservative leaders could mean for career guidance. 2022 was a crazy year for UK politics, so I wrote about it a bit and its implications for career guidance. My run down of various Conservative leadership hopefuls ideas about career guidance did particularly well.
  • Green guidance. I think that the idea of ‘Green guidance’ is one of the most important one’s out there at the moment, but I’m not sure that we have completely figured out what it means year. I’ve been doing some thinking, but I haven’t really managed to write anything substantial yet. So in the meantime this presentation will have to do.
  • Mapping the future of undergraduate career education. I contributed a couple of chapters to a new book on career guidance in higher education, with a US focus. In this post I announced that the book was out.
  • Delivering careers education in the post-pandemic world. Is the pandemic over now? Recent events in China would suggest not. I started the year still very concerned about the impact of the pandemic on careers. One of the outputs of that was this paper that I produced for teachers in Australia.
  • Career guidance: Why does it matter? Despite my ongoing worries about the pandemic, 2022 proved to be some kind of return to normal, with me getting out and about again and giving some presentations. In this one which I gave to the West of England Careers Hub I argued that in a crazy crisis ridden world, career guidance still matters.
  • Theorising career guidance policymaking. As this list shows I write about policy and politics a lot. So in an article that I wrote with Lorraine Godden we tried to theorise how career guidance policy actually works. This presentation tries to summarise it.
  • Education select committee. I put in an appearance at the Education Select Committee this year. People seem to have wanted to see me fighting with Robert Halfon, so this example of blood sports also makes the top 10.

So, that is my top ten posts of 2022. Hope you enjoyed them. I’ll try and keep posting through 2023. The message seems to be to talk about politics and theory as much as possible.


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