We did it!

Just a quick update to say that we achieved the highest number of views on my blog ever yesterday. In total 473 people viewed the site yesterday. They were looking at:

So what did I learn? Mainly that if you can engage people as participants in what you are doing you are more likely to drive traffic to your content. I thought that the UKIP piece might get a lot of attention because it was controversial, but in fact people were more engaged by the idea of maximising the hits to the blog. People seemed to enjoy the idea that there was a challenge going on and felt that it was something that they wanted to support and engage in. Hopefully some of the content was interesting as well, but this doesn’t seem to have been what drove hits up in the main.

This reinforces the idea the social media is about building relationships and having conversations with people rather than about delivering content or service at people. Where you can build this kind of interactive approach it looks like it is possible to drive up hits and engagement.

I may well repeat this experiment in a week or so and see if I can keep building on it.

Thanks to everyone for your help and support yesterday.


The top 10 most viewed posts on my blog

Today I’m trying to encourage views on my blog. One piece of advice that I was given years ago (by Doug Richard of all people) was that if you are trying to improve web hits, just look at the things that do get hits on your site and write more of them. So what gets hits on this blog?

  1. Career practitioners conceptions of social media in career services is the all time most popular post on the site. This is a review of an interesting academic article, but also chimes into two of my main interests (and I guess reason’s why people come to the site) in career and social media.
  2. The second most popular article was my debate with Charlie Ball about his Guardian article. This had controversy and the scent of blood so I guess that is what attracted people.
  3. Controversy also accounts for number 3 in my brief report of Heather Jackson and Tony Watts decision to resign from the National Careers Council.
  4. The fourth most popular one is an odd one as it is a call for papers from the BJGC. Career and technology again I guess.
  5. Is my summary of all of the resources that exist to support the Blueprint for Careers.
  6. Is my innocent question about Which University has the best careers service. Once again the whiff of controversy seems to be driving hits.
  7. Youth Mentoring Across Professional Settings. My summary of a very good doctoral thesis.
  8. Launch of the Career Development Institute. An important moment in the history of the sector which is rightly attracting some hits.
  9. My discussion of university marketing campaigns (England’s number 1 University for Employability) also hits the controversy button which rockets it into the top 10.
  10. Career development and employabilty – same thing, different name? A presentation that I gave which also hits a hot topic issue.

So what is there to learn from this? I guess that people come to the blog when I either talk about careers and technology or when I say something controversial.

So if I want to drive hits I guess that is what I have got to do.


The best day ever on my blog

Since I’ve moved my blog to WordPress I’ve come to love the tool. However, I have noticed that my hits have dropped off considerably. I suspect that there are a couple of things going on here. Firstly I think that my Posterous blog was fairly well established and presumably benefitted from more links and better indexing in Google. Secondly it is very likely that the way that the two sites collect statistics are different and that Posterous was more generous. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Anyway, I thought that it might be interesting to see if I can deliberately create hits to my blog. So today I’m going to try and have the best day ever on my blog. My previous best day ever say me getting 378 in a day. I’m going to post a load of stuff today and see how long it takes me to get past that number.

So spread the word and read some posts on the blog today.

Some highlights from my time on posterous

As you’ve probably spotted I have moved this blog from Posterous today due to the decision to close that site down. I hope you like the new look.

One of the things that I will lose is the webstats. This is a shame as it was always interesting to see what people were actually reading.

Posterous informs me that I had 161389 views of the 586 posts on my site. Posterous doesn’t make looking at stats very easy and I know that the site lost all of my hits at least once. Nevermind, I don’t do this for the glory!

I thought that I might flag some of the most popular so that people could find them on the new WordPress site.

All of the following posts had over 300 views on the old site and might be worth a second look.

Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Career blogging

I’m going to Dublin in a couple of weeks to talk about blogging and career.

This is the sort of thing that I thought I might do. What do people thing?

I’ve wacked lots of YouTube clips into this presentation which means that you’ll probably be able to get a better idea of the sort of thing that I’m going to say than the usual presentation aid that I post.

Anyway, for once I’ve done it far enough in advance to have time to change it if anyone has got any good ideas – so over to you.