Building world class career education and guidance in independent schools

building world class

I’ve been invited to address the HMC conference in St Andrews. I think that it has broken my record for the longest travelling time while in mainland UK – but I’m now here and I had a very interesting evening meeting various people from independent schools.

I’ll be talking about school based careers work in general – drawing on various reports that we’ve done over the years. I’ll also be drawing on some of the specific work that we did in independent schools as part of the Gatsby project. In general the finding of that study was that careers work in independent schools is pretty good and that these schools invest in the area fairly seriously.

It would be good to do a bit more work looking at this in more detail at some point in the future. In particular it would be interesting to look at what drives independent schools to invest in careers work when many state schools don’t.

One thing that I’ve heard on the grapevine recently is that the Independent Schools Inspectorate is prioritising careers work more strongly. I couldn’t find any details about this so I’d be really interested if anyone could point me to the right document.

Anyway this is what I’m going to say.

Building world class career education and guidance in independent schools


The Kent Model of Career Education and Guidance


Kent County Council have just published a paper that I wrote for them last year. It discusses the emerging school-based career education and guidance system that I have observed in Kent.

Hooley, T. (2015). The Kent Model of Career Education and Guidance. Maidstone: Kent County Council

This builds on some previous work that I’ve done in Kent which includes an earlier paper in which I visited the same schools as I did in this paper. If you are interested in the back story you might also be interested in reading Progression in Kent.

Building bridges between learning and work

building bridges

I am involved in a project to enhance schools’ practice in career education and guidance in North Yorkshire. It is a very exciting initiative which is supporting a number of schools to engage with Quality in Careers Standards Awards as a way of driving the development of their practice. iCeGS is involved both in providing support and in evaluating the impact of the initiative.

Today I’m presenting at the launch event of the initiative. I’ll be trying to set out the evidence base on effective schools’ careers work. This is what I thought that I’d do.

Building bridges between learning and work

CDI Survey of Schools

CDI survey

The Career Development Institute has just released a new survey of schools exploring career education and guidance and employer links.

The survey is based on 319 responses. It provides some useful evidence about how careers provision in schools is evolving. In particular it highlights the fact that around a third of (respondent) schools are now employing their own careers specialist. This was the most popular approach to addressing the statutory duty.

England is now well on its way to moving towards a school based approach to career education and guidance. Whatever the relative merits of this approach, we do at least need to admit that this is now the dominant paradigm and that the old partnership model is pretty much dead. Even where schools are contracting in services from outside the relationship is dominated by the school and does not have many of the features of partnership working.

International Best Practice in Career Education and Guidance (Riyhad presentation)

international best practice

Today I travel to Riyhad to give a presentation on international best practice in career education and guidance. I will be engaging with the newly developing Saudi career development profession and trying to help them to understand how their practice fits with international practice.

This is what I plan to do.

International Best Practice in Career Education and Guidance (Riyhad presentation)

The role of schools in career and employability learning

the role of schools in career and employability learning

I’ve had a great week in Perth at the CDAA conference. I’m just about to say goodbye to Australia although I may yet blog some more on what I’ve seen here.

Next stop on the world tour is Auckland, New Zealand where I will be present a brace of workshops. First up will be something discussing all of the work that we’ve been doing on schools over the last few years.

The role of schools in career and employability learning