Moments of Choice (CDI Student Conference 2017)

Moments of Choice

Today I’m in Coventry talking about our Moments of Choice research to the CDI Student Conference. In essence this is about using behavioural economics approaches to think about career decision-making. It also raises some important issues about the ways in which we use information to support career decision-making.

This is the sort of thing that I’m going to cover.

Moments of Choice


We are now enrolling for MA in Careers Education and Coaching


At iCeGS we have just launched a new MA in Careers Education and Coaching.

Our MA Careers Education and Coaching will allow you to combine professional training with a masters degree. The course will lead to professional qualification through the Qualification in Career Development (QCD), which is awarded by the Career Development Institute (CDI).

We have designed the programme to bring to life the latest thinking in the career development field and to provide participants with a strong practical grounding in careers work. It includes work placements as well as teaching from all of the staff at the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS).

We are currently recruiting for a January 2017 start.

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Professionalism in Careers


There has been a lot of debate and discussion about the appropriate role of career professionals in relation to the wide range of other people who can help people with their careers. We have worked to produce a briefing note which tries to explain the recent history of the careers profession, how the professional connects with other important roles which relate to careers and what the role and competencies of the careers professional are.

I hope that it will be useful.

Hooley, T., Johnson, C. and Neary, S. (2016). Professionalism in Careers. Careers England and the Career Development Institute.


Free NICEC/CDI workshop -At the cutting edge – Working with adults

CDI and NICEC members are invited to attend a free workshop on Thursday 11th February.

This Cutting Edge – Research to Practice event will explore different aspects of how we can enhance our practice working with adults at various stages of their lives; both in careers guidance and career coaching settings.

Keynote speakers include NICEC Fellows Julia Yates; Stephen McNair; Rosemary McLean; Tristram Hooley and Marian Morris.

The event will be held at a venue in central Manchester. 50 free places are reserved for CDI members; please complete the standard booking form to reserve your place.

Book for At the cutting edge – Working with adults

Getting the skills to beat the robots #cdiconf15

beating the robots

I occasionally fall down an obsession hole. A little while ago it was the fear that robots were going to take over the world. I wrote about this in a post on Humans and the Rise of the Robots. We also talked about some of the implications of this for careers professionals in the Get Yourself Connected paper.

As time has moved on I’ve got a little less panicky about this issue. I still believe that robots will transform the world (they already have). But, I don’t believe that this will make human’s redundant or leave us with no work to do. However, I do think that individuals and societies  are going to have to be very purposeful in the way that they respond to the increasing automation. If we do nothing personally and politically I think that we are likely to see an increase in inequality and ultimately some major economic problems.

I’m going to try and talk about some of these issues in my keynote to the CDI conference today. This is what I thought I might say.

Getting the skills to beat the robots

Getting the skills to beat the robots

CDI Survey of Schools

CDI survey

The Career Development Institute has just released a new survey of schools exploring career education and guidance and employer links.

The survey is based on 319 responses. It provides some useful evidence about how careers provision in schools is evolving. In particular it highlights the fact that around a third of (respondent) schools are now employing their own careers specialist. This was the most popular approach to addressing the statutory duty.

England is now well on its way to moving towards a school based approach to career education and guidance. Whatever the relative merits of this approach, we do at least need to admit that this is now the dominant paradigm and that the old partnership model is pretty much dead. Even where schools are contracting in services from outside the relationship is dominated by the school and does not have many of the features of partnership working.

Career management skills (NICEC/CDI workshop)

Back at the start of February I took part in a workshop on career management skills organised by NICEC and the CDI. I delivered it with Claire Nix, Anthony Barnes and Julia Yates. It was pretty good stuff I thought and I promised that I would post it on my blog.

I am now doing this over a month late.


Career management skills workshop