Why connect?


Today I’m running a session for our EdD students. I’m going to talk about the nature of research networks and the value and process of networking for research. I will be putting up some questions on Twitter later on so it would be great if people could help me out.

Why connect?


Using mixed methods


I’ve come to think of myself a working largely within a mixed methods paradigm. Most of the projects that I do combine a number of different methods because I believe that this offers me the best chance of understanding the phenomenon that I’m interested in. I am also constantly surprised by the paramilitary wings of the quantitative and qualitative fields who respectively hold that nothing that can’t be counted is real and that nothing that can be counted has any value. So I try and assert the idea that if researchers are to understand the world they need to approach it in a variety of ways and through a variety of lenses. Some of this will seek to measure, to quantify and to lock down reality, others will seek to describe, explore and open up reality. Ultimately there are huge advantages in combining approaches to combine the insights that both offer.

I’m going to be teaching a session mixed methods to our EdD students on Wednesday. This is what I thought that I might cover.

Using mixed methods in educational research