Building great relationships between schools and employers

Building great relationships between schools and employersI’m in Rotherham today talking to school, employers and careers providers about how to work together in harmony!

This is what I thought that I might say.

Building great relationships between schools and employers


Effective employer mentoring


I have just produced a new paper for The Careers & Enterprise Company. It addresses the subject of employer mentoring. The paper sets out a literature review which describes the strength of the evidence for employer mentoring and sets out a model for effective practice.

The headlines area as follows.

  • There is a substantal evidence base which supports the role of employer mentoring in schools.
  • We can describe the strength of this evidence as moderate to good as it includes high quality studies and a number of statistical meta-analyses.
  • The evidence suggests that mentoring can have a significant and observable impact on behaviour, attainment and progression. The effect sizes are typically small, but mentoring is a moderate–to low-cost interventon.
  • The evidence suggests that mentoring needs to be high quality in order to deliver any impacts and that badly organised mentoring can do more harm than good.

We then drew together a series of features which describe effective practice as follows.

features of quality

The paper is available to download for free.

Hooley, T. (2016). Effective Employer Mentoring: Lessons From the Evidence. London: The Careers & Enterprise Company.


10 things that really make a difference in bringing schools and employers together


10things that really make a difference.png

Today I’m giving a presentation to Enterprise Coordinators from the Careers & Enterprise Company. The Enterprise Coordinators are tasked with bringing schools and employers together – so I’ve been asked to draw out some good practice about brokerage.

What I’ve tried to do it to pull together a top 10 ideas about how good brokerage happens. This is what I’ve come up with.

10things that really make a difference

Survey – Personal development support for young people in the labour market

We are currently doing some research on how young people are supported in their careers and personal development one they go to work.

So much of the discussion about young people’s transitions focuses on before the transition is made (school) and so little on after the transition is made (work). We are interested in finding out more about this from employers.

Employers can get involved in two main ways:

  1. Answer a short survey which will take about 20 minutes. The link to the survey is here
  2.  Participate in a telephone interview for about 30 minutes. Please email your contact details and an indication of a suitable time for a telephone call to

If you have any questions about the research please contact Nicki Moore at


Exploring employers’ understanding and experience of Higher Apprenticeships

Higher apprenticeships are an important new part of the educational landscape. Yet at the moment very little is known about how they are working out. We are undertaking some research to explore this and particularly to look at employers attitudes to higher apprenticeships.

We are interested in the views of all employers, not just those who have direct experience of higher apprenticeships.

Please can you send the survey link to any employers who you think might be willing to fill this in (or fill it in yourself if you are an employer).

Employer survey on higher apprenticeships