Free downloadable guide for HE staff to use with You’re Hired! Graduate Career Handbook


I wrote yesterday about our new book You’re Hired! Graduate Career Handbook. This book is going to be released the start of next week, but you can of course pre-order now.

In the meantime I’d like to share with you the free guide that we’ve made for HE staff. If you follow this blog you are probably more likely to be a careers person or an academic than a current student (although I welcome all readers). We wrote the actual book for students, but we thought that it would be useful to think about how academics and careers educators might make use of it as part of their delivery of careers and employability modules and programmes.

The guide covers how to use the Graduate Career Handbook in the following situations.

  • To support career conversations and as part of careers advice and guidance
  • To support students when they are networking with employers and undertaking placements and other kinds of extra-curricular experiences.
  • To run employability workshops.
  • To design employability modules and programmes.

We ‘ve included a load of workshop plans, draft module specifications with learning outcomes and an extensive reading list to support modules.

Hopefully you will find it useful.


Understanding and enhancing evidence in higher education careers services

Here are some slides that I’m going to use in a workshop today at the University of Brimingham. I’m trying to give the group a start in thinking about what the evidence says about effective work in higher education careers services and then spur them on towards doing some research themselves.

Understanding and enhancing evidence in higher education careers services

Extreme makeover: Career Edition

I’ve just found this film from the University of Saskatchewan’s Student Employment and Career Centre. In it the Centre polishes up four student’s career skills and CV before sorting out their interview outfits.

What do people think about this sort of thing? Appearance clearly matters in recruitment and in working life. Catherine Hakim calls this erotic capital. Should career professionals be talking about it more and designing services like this to enhance it?

Which University has the best careers service?

I’m doing some research on HE careers services. I’m interested in finding out which services are perceived to be the best in the sector.  If you had to name up to five HE careers services that you think of as being the sector leaders which would they be.

I’m happy for people to add their nominations as a comment on this blog or to email me in private (  I’m hoping to use this to inform the selection of a sample of institutions that I’ll look at in more detail.

Thanks for your help