Addressing the Issues Raised by the Education Select Committee Report

Tomorrow I’ve been asked to speak to a Capita conference about the Education Select Committee Report. This is what I thought that I’d say.

Addressing the Issues Raised by the Education Select Committee Report


Government response to the Education Committee enquiry published

The Government has just posted its response to the Education Committee Enquiry on Career Guidance for Young People.

Due to my involvement with the Committee I can’t say too much about it publically. However you can read the report online and make your own judgement.

Careers guidance for young people: The impact of the new duty on schools: Government Response to the Committee’s Seventh Report of Session 2012–13 Sixth Special


Careers England call on the National Careers Council to support the Select Committee recommendations on career guidance for young people

The Careers sector trade body, Careers England have just issued a letter calling on the National Careers Council to support the recent recommendations of the Education Select Committee. While this may seem to the casual observer like the internal manoeuvrings of the careers world it is actually a symptom of the storm that is brewing for the government on careers. The National Careers Council is a fairly new, advisory body to Government which contains a number of key players in the sector. Given that the Education Select Committee was critical of the government it was always likely that the careers sector’s body (Career England) were going to endorse it. If the National Careers Council can also be persuaded to back it, the consensus will be pretty much complete. 

I will be watching these developments with interest.



And still more interesting things coming out of Select Committees

I promise that I don’t spend all of my time monitoring Hansard, but I’ve just seen a rather interesting couple of questions in the recent Education Committee encounter with HM Chief Inspector of Ofsted. You can read the whole encounter on the Parliament website.

However readers of this blog might be particularly interested in the following.

Q27 Pat Glass: Can I move off the agenda slightly and ask you a different question? When Matthew Hancock, the Minister, appeared before us recently, we were looking at careers advice and guidance, and he said he was looking to Ofsted to inspect and monitor that. I pointed out that Ofsted had said very clearly that they did not see it as their role to inspect the statutory duty in schools, and asked him if he was going to have a word with you. Has he had a word with you about it?

Sir Michael Wilshaw: Matthew might want to come in here. My view is that it is a good idea to devolve this funding to schools.

Q28 Pat Glass: There is no funding being devolved to schools; the only thing that is being devolved is the statutory duty.

Sir Michael Wilshaw: Yes. It is important that we do monitor it effectively. It is really important that impartial advice is given to students on progression routes, and I am not sure that is the case. In our adjustment to our inspection framework from September, we will give the inspection of careers advice a priority.

Early coverage of the Education Committee report on careers guidance

There seems to be a lot of interest in the Education Committee report. I’m going to try and quickly catch a few of the places that it is being cited. Please use the Comments below to add any more.

Education Committee publishes Careers Guidance for Young People Report Education Committee

The Education Committee report on career guidance in schools is published this morning.

Education Committee – Seventh Report. Careers guidance for young people: The impact of the new duty on schools

Because I was the Specialist Adviser to the committee I’m not allowed to comment on the report in public. However, I’ll just say it is worth a read and leave it at that.