Moments of Choice (CDI Student Conference 2017)

Moments of Choice

Today I’m in Coventry talking about our Moments of Choice research to the CDI Student Conference. In essence this is about using behavioural economics approaches to think about career decision-making. It also raises some important issues about the ways in which we use information to support career decision-making.

This is the sort of thing that I’m going to cover.

Moments of Choice


Global, European and UK career guidance policy


Today I’m heading back up to the University of Derby to deliver a session on the MA in Careers Education and Coaching. In this session I’m going to try and get students to think about the policy, politics, legislation and regulation that sit around and various constrain and enable career guidance.

This is what I’m planning to cover…

Career guidance policy presentation for the MA

Moments of choice


Tomorrow I’m in Southampton talking about the Moments of Choice research which has been published by The Careers & Enterprise Company.

This research maps out some of the challenges that young people face when they are making career decisions. I’ll then be moving on to talk about what we can do about this when we are supporting young people.

This is what I thought that I’d say


Effective careers provision


I’m presenting at a Department for Education symposium tomorrow on School to work transitions in a changing labour market: Implications for schools and colleges. I’ve been asked to talk about ‘what makes for effective careers provision’ so that is what I’m going to try and do.

I’m drawing on various bits of research that I’ve been involved in which has explored this question from the perspective of research, policy and practice. This is what I thought that I’d say…