Working with schools to build structures for lifelong career development

Hooley presentation

I’ve just given a webinar for the Education & Training Foundation. This is a series that they are doing for senior leaders in the post-secondary sector.

I talked about the value of colleges and training providers working in partnership with schools to deliver lifelong career support.

Presentation for Education & Training Foundation

They’ve got their backs to the sea


At the end of last year and beginning of this year we conducted some really interesting work in Kent’s coastal schools. We found that these schools were a highly diverse group of institutions which serve a range of different communities.

We also heard from staff in these schools that the young people of Kent’s coastline have got their backs to the sea. Despite their relative proximity to the economic heartland of England, they remain separated by distance and geography. Many of the challenging issues that have been identified for young people in coastal towns are strongly related to their careers.

Individual’s careers are profoundly influenced by the context within which they pursue them. But, context does not wholly define your career. With the right information, support and education people can make the most out of their circumstances, seize the opportunities around them and change, improve or leave their immediate environment.

In this report we look at this interplay between context, individuals and the support that is provided by their schools.

Shepherd, C. and Hooley, T. (2016). ‘They’ve got their backs to the sea’: Careers Work in Kent’s Coastal Schools. Derby: International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby.

10 things that really make a difference in bringing schools and employers together


10things that really make a difference.png

Today I’m giving a presentation to Enterprise Coordinators from the Careers & Enterprise Company. The Enterprise Coordinators are tasked with bringing schools and employers together – so I’ve been asked to draw out some good practice about brokerage.

What I’ve tried to do it to pull together a top 10 ideas about how good brokerage happens. This is what I’ve come up with.

10things that really make a difference

Career guidance in Kent’s coastal schools

kent presentation.PNG

Today I’m in Kent talking about the research that we’ve been doing on coastal schools in the area.

This has been a really interesting project and one that raises all sorts of issues about the relationship between career, community, place and policy. I’ll be hoping to write more about this in the future. But for now here is our presentation.

Career guidance in coastal schools

Building world class career education and guidance in independent schools

building world class

I’ve been invited to address the HMC conference in St Andrews. I think that it has broken my record for the longest travelling time while in mainland UK – but I’m now here and I had a very interesting evening meeting various people from independent schools.

I’ll be talking about school based careers work in general – drawing on various reports that we’ve done over the years. I’ll also be drawing on some of the specific work that we did in independent schools as part of the Gatsby project. In general the finding of that study was that careers work in independent schools is pretty good and that these schools invest in the area fairly seriously.

It would be good to do a bit more work looking at this in more detail at some point in the future. In particular it would be interesting to look at what drives independent schools to invest in careers work when many state schools don’t.

One thing that I’ve heard on the grapevine recently is that the Independent Schools Inspectorate is prioritising careers work more strongly. I couldn’t find any details about this so I’d be really interested if anyone could point me to the right document.

Anyway this is what I’m going to say.

Building world class career education and guidance in independent schools