Work experience and volunteering – what works?

In case you missed our third ‘what works’ seminar we’ve put together some video resources to give you access to the talks from the event. The video above provides you with a quick taster of the event. But you can also see the full talk from Johnathan Buzzeo on work experience and Joy Williams on volunteering.

We’ll be releasing more detailed reports on these issues in the autumn – but in the meantime I hope that you find this a useful summary of the evidence base.


Education and employability: New research from MORI

Education and employability: New research from MORI

I’ve just been sent this presentation by Ipsos MORI. It is well worth a look.

Some key findings

  • Most leading employers don’t believe that Britain’s education system delivers the skills needed by business.
  • Most teachers don’t believe that vocational qualifications have equal status with academic qualifications.
  • A third of businesses say that school leavers are not well prepared for work.
  • Most year 11 students would like a range of career support and work experience.
  • Most young people feel that everyone should have access to career support and work experience.