This is where I’ll be speaking over the next few months. If you are interested in engaging me please visit my talks, workshops and presentation page

August 2019

29-30 August – I’ll be discussing social justice, automation and the labour market at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences in Lillehammer. 

September 2019

4-5 September – I’ll be discussing career theory at the Inland Norway University of Applied Science in Lillehammer. 

20th September – Career guidance and social justice  – What does it look like in practice? I’ll be hosting a NICEC network meeting focused on translating social justice theories into career guidance practice. 

26th September – Skills and employability summit. London. Where I will be discussing how to develop an aligned and integrated employment and skills system.

October 2019

15th October (15.45-17.15) – Webinar on employer perspectives on students for CareerMap. Book you place on the webinar.

November 2019

20-21 November – Scrapbooking your way to emancipation: Addressing the tensions between self-expression and commodifying the self in eportfoliosNational E-portfolio forum, Canberra, Australia. 

January 2020

27-29 January – Cannexus, Ottowa, Canada.

April 2020

8th April – CDI student conference. Derby, UK.