This is where I’ll be speaking over the next few months. If you are interested in engaging me please visit my talks, workshops and presentation page


23rd – 24th November. National Careers Leaders Conference. What do you need to know to have an amazing career: Reimagining the CDI framework.


8-9th December 2020. ISE Apprenticeship Conference. I will be discussing current policy and data on apprenticeships.


19th January 2021. Institute of Student Employers. Build a successful long-term student recruitment strategy. The pandemic and lockdown have disrupted most recruiters usual approach to student recruitment. Designed with senior recruiters in mind, this one-day workshop will give you an opportunity to rethink and plan your long-term strategy, to reassess how things have changed, assess the long-term prospects for student recruitment, and to develop a vision for your optimum post pandemic student recruitment approach.


1st February 2021 (5pm GMT/12 ET). Cannexus21, Canada. Reconstructing careers, reconstructing societies. Covid-19 has ravaged the world. While its primary effect has been on our health, it has also had a devastating impact on our working lives and our careers. Whole industries were shut down through the lockdown and many of them are struggling to find their way back. For young people entering the labour market the impact has been particularly devastating. In a period of recession what opportunities are available for young workers? Inevitably career development practitioners are left to pick up the pieces and to help people to find their way in the new world. In this presentation Professor Tristram Hooley will talk about how we can best help those most impacting by Covid to reconstruct their careers. He will argue that while the usual rules apply and it is important to work hard, be flexible and create opportunities, these approaches are not enough on their own. Covid has highlighted the social and inter-connected nature of our careers and we need to consider how we are going to rebuilt our society as we rebuild our careers. There is a lot of talk about a move to a ‘new normal’, but the nature of this new normal is open to debate. In this presentation we will consider how career development can contribute towards the creation of a new normal that is fairer and more socially just.

11th February (5pm-6pm). CDI East of England Group. Social justice and social mobility in career education and guidance. I’ll be presenting on the social aims and outcomes of career education and guidance, and suggesting practical ways forward.