This is where I’ll be speaking over the next few months.


  • 9th August (KPMG Birmingham). The impact of mentoring on mentors.
  • 10th August (CDAA Webinar). Digital guidance: How to career online. Book your place.
  • 30th August (Inland Norway University of Applied Science, Lillehammer). Introduction to career theory.
  • 31st August (Inland Norway University of Applied Science, Lillehammer). Competing contemporary theory of career development – Career construction vs social justice theories.


  • 5-6th September (BERA conference, Brighton). Symposia on career guidance.
  • 7th September (Black Country LEP). Celebrating the Enterprise Advisor Network.
  • 14th September (Leicester LEP). Chairing an employer discussion.
  • 21st September (Skills and Employability Summit, London). How to improve the quality and coverage of career guidance.  Book your place.
  • 22nd September (Euroguidance seminar, Copenhagen, Denmark). Understanding career management skills and Identifying the impact of career development interventions.